Brand Strategy

Be Yourself…Even if that means being yourself.

Brands exist in the hearts and minds of your audience.

This is the collection of the opinions, thoughts and feelings that a person holds for you, your products or services. The real question then, isn’t whether or not you should have a brand (surprise – you already do!), but rather whether or not your brand is successfully sharing your authentic truth.

We’ll take you through a rebellious branding approach. And just what makes it so revolutionary? The fact that we don’t just listen to you… we listen to everyone. We’ll do the research and feel the pulse of your audience, your competitors and your industry. What are they saying about you…? and what are they not? And when asked the really difficult questions, what are you saying about yourself?

We’ll encourage you to question everything


Including your motives, in order to reject conformity and embrace that one special thing which truly sets you apart from the crowd. What makes your offering and ONLY your offering the best solution for the pain points of your audience? The answers won’t come easy, but true revolutions and revelations rarely are.

Rebel Soul Creative will work with you to formulate the ideas and the actions needed to align your brand direction with your future marketing initiatives. We’ll show you how to find and express the personality of your organization through:

  • Review and audit of existing brand and marketing programs
  • Facilitation of brand discovery and identity workshops
  • Competitive brand analysis
  • Brand platforms (including brand story, pillars, values and persona)
  • Visual identity (logo) development
  • Brand narrative and theme development
  • Identification of key messaging