Brand Strategy

Be Yourself…Even if that means being yourself.

Brand is still brand, regardless of whatever industry you’re in… and you have a brand whether you know it or not… but is it telling the truth? We like to think of our branding process as a truly rebellious experience. It’s designed to make you question yourself and your motives – teaching you how to refuse conformity just because it’s ‘easy’.

At Rebel Soul you’re encouraged to embrace that special thing about your brand that truly makes you different – what makes you authentically unique and irreplaceable to your ideal audience.

Whether just opening your doors for business, or experiencing changes in your audience, market, or corporate structure, Rebel Soul will work with you to reach alignment and new directions for all future marketing initiatives. Our job is to show you how to find and express the personality of your organization through:

  • Brand audits
  • Facilitation of brand discovery and identity workshops
  • Competitive brand analysis
  • Brand platforms (including brand story, pillars, values and persona)
  • Visual identity development
  • Brand narrative and theme development
  • Identification of key messaging