White Swan Environmental stands behind the belief that waste is not a dirty word… unless of course when referring to the waste of time and money for producers of the oilsands region.

So in 2013, when the father-sons founders of White Swan Environmental saw a need for responsible waste disposal in the oilsands, they looked to site operations as close to the action as possible.

As a safe, cost-effective and time-efficient waste management solutions provider with strategically positioned disposal sites in Conklin and Atmore, White Swan Environmental boasts a brand promise of gained ground through proximity, speed of service, environmental responsibility and a distinct competitive advantage in its unique proximity to Athabasca oil sands operations – eliminating the need to transport hundreds of kilometres south, thereby significantly lowering regional operating costs.

What was needed, however, was a rebellious marketing campaign targeting regional producers conditioned to employ larger, more time-established organizations in a largely relationship-based industry. One which would not only educate as to the substantial benefits offered by this young, local company, but which would, through bold messaging and clean, simplistic creative, demand the closer attention of those fueling the engines of the Alberta economy.

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