A feel good, inspired, motivational campaign asks that people actively pursue the highest aspiration we have for our lives – in the healthy living setting of Devon – Alberta’s self-proclaimed “Bike Town.”

Activating our spirit, our minds, and our bodies helps us achieve our calling: to live a life of deep meaning and engagement, and pursue big ideas in the name of legacy-building. In Devon we pursue the beneficial effect of life that elevates in the inspired and the inspiring. Movement, fluidity and motion characterize visualization of the campaign and draw differentiation from more placid quality of life brands. Do What Moves You. Boldly Go. Set Life In Motion.

Implement the Big Idea – Devon’s campaign digs deeper for what it means to be active, as a matter of life well-lived enablement, engagement in community life, connection to people, place and higher order life pursuits, and to be part of something in a smaller community vs the anonymity of larger centres. You don’t just live in Devon, you participate in its active lifestyle with your ideas, your athletic spirit, your entrepreneurial flair, or your involvement in community-building initiatives.

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