Seal-Summit-Creative-AwardsDear Dog Treats understands that like most modern families, yours is a life of beautiful chaos: with so much love, but so little time. Between kids, activities and work, the little things – and quite frankly, a lot of the big, important things – can so easily slip through the cracks of your incredibly busy schedule.

With so many pet food choices on the market, making the right one can often be difficult. It’s said that the quickest way to the heart is through the stomach, but researching ideal pet foods and diets is anything but fast and easy. For this, the Dear Dog Treats brand serves to teach quality just as much as it proves to deliver it.

With no additives or fillers, spices, by-products or unreadable ingredients, these treats are all bite and no bark… just locally-raised Alberta beef, goat, lamb and chicken – slowly and uniquely smoked to prevent bacteria while retaining full flavour, protein and nutrition.

Whether to train, reward or just to please, the end result is a healthy and effective treat… and a brand that’s truly food for thought.

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