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Connect purpose with marketing greatness … and use this $2,500 to help get you there!

The City of Fort Saskatchewan’s Economic Development department has implemented a Marketing Grant, available to all small business owners in the city. The objectives are to improve the quality and effectiveness of small business brands and marketing materials, and to ensure that they have a strategic vision for the future.

To be eligible, you must have a Marketing Plan and a Marketing Project that you wish to complete. The grant will cover up to 50% of the eligible costs, to a maximum of $2,500.

Costs that are eligible under the Marketing Grant include:

  • marketing/advertising content development
  • website/mobile site design and development
  • graphic design
  • filming and film production
  • brand development
  • manufacturing costs associated with marketing materials
  • sign production
  • translation of marketing materials
  • sponsorship content development

For more information on other eligibility requirements and to download the Marketing Grant Application:
Visit The City of Fort Saskatchewan Website

To discuss how we can help transform predictions of your business success to profitable reality through bold, purposeful branding and marketing:


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